Proper Asbestos Waste Disposal

There are many advantages to hiring a licensed asbestos removal or abatement company in Vancouver when dealing with any asbestos related problems you may have in your property.

For one, when you hire an asbestos abatement company, you might find out that the asbestos in your home doesn’t even need to be removed. Countless asbestos abatement companies recommend asbestos sealing instead of total removal. Asbestos, especially one that is not friable, can be prevented from being released in the air through asbestos sealing or encapsulation.

Another major advantage of hiring an asbestos abatement or removal company is that in the event that the asbestos in your home really needs to be removed, some of these companies offer the disposal of the asbestos in their services.

Just like asbestos removal itself, asbestos disposal is rather a meticulous and stressful task. There are so many strict rules you need to comply with in disposal asbestos containing materials due to the health hazards asbestos may bring.

But if you have already removed the asbestos yourself and would want to dispose of it properly, here are some of the standard rules of asbestos disposal in Vancouver, BC.

1. Disposal of asbestos containing materials should only be done in landfill stations and not in transfer stations.

2. Asbestos is accepted by landfill stations, however, drywall isn’t.

3. Asbestos containing materials should be properly packed using a hazardous waste bag with a thickness of at least 0.15 mm or 6 mil.

4. Asbestos filled materials should be double-bagged.

5. Proper labeling of the asbestos material is required.

6. You can transport only up to 5 kgs of asbestos.

7. There is a set schedule to be followed when asbestos may be dropped off at landfill stations.

8. Calling in 24 hours before you drop off the asbestos material at the landfill station is mandatory.